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Hillary to Ellen: Boys used to tell me quit all the time

April 8, 2008

Via JMG: Update: OK, RedLasso vids also don’t work on here. But I found the same thing on YouTube:

I don’t really care much about the Hillary dropping out thing that everyone’s been trying to push her into. Mainly I wonder where all this concern that the primaries are too long is coming from and why it wasn’t around four years ago when something could have been done to change the system. I know that a few commentators, like Markos, were criticizing the system for a long time, but if March is too late to be having a presidential primary, then I don’t know why states have them all the way out in June.

And as a Hoosier, whose state has its primary in May, I’m more than a little upset that people would be wanting to end the primary now when we haven’t even had a chance to vote. Where were these people when the Indiana government put the primary in May?

Anyway, I’m also concerned that she can casually “gender-bait” on Ellen and not get called out for it. I’m sure that more than a few people who want her to drop out are saying that because she’s a woman, I’m sure, and I’m glad that she’s bringing a discussion of sexism to center-stage. Really.

What I am concerned with is the fact that when a Barack Obama supporter points to racism coming from, oh, I don’t know, Geraldine Ferraro, her campaign responds by saying that he’s race-baiting. He or his campaign are the ones stirring the pot, you know, because they’re the ones bringing up this discussion.

So what I’m thinking about is if this were turned around, if Obama were in Hillary’s position in terms of numbers and votes and delegates, and he were on Ellen and Ellen were telling him not to drop out and he said, oh, well white folk used to tell me to quit all the time, would there have been a stir?

I think yes.

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